Built during the World War II, the 20-acres of Hillwood Square served as housing for war program workers through a Federal defense housing initiative under the Roosevelt administration. Located in the Falls Church area of Fairfax County, this community sat between Route 50 and Falls Church City.  While the community became a non-profit housing cooperative in 1950, the co-op was sold to the apartment and residence developer Avalon Bay in 2012 with a 38 million dollar price tag.  Even with the agreement, a group of community members resisted the sale of Hillwood Square and urged the preservation of this historic landmark. While the physical infrastructure of the neighborhood, my neighborhood, is long gone, the characters of the community continues. This is my walk down memory lane.

Members of the Hillwood Square Mutual Association, a Falls Church housing co-op, open their doors for a portrait.

Laura spends her day at home and takes evening walks with Linda and Marie (seen below). 

Marie goes to church everyday, and spends everyday walking with Laura and Linda, usually slowing down the group by greeting every neighbor she sees outside. 

Linda lives parallel to Cherry Street, she is rather timid, but always has a smile on her face.

Peggy Ann lives alone on the corner of Mankin Walk. In the few months, she will be moving away to live with her son.  

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