I want to get to the heart of how people think and what people feel. 

I am a student at Wake Forest University, pursuing a double major in Sociology and Studio Art. I incorporate sociological thinking in my artistic process and creation. I am passionate about visual storytelling to uncover truth and I want to capture the genuine, multi-dimensional lives of those around me. During the academic year, I intern for Wake Forest University, under the mentorship of University Photographer, Ken Bennett, former contributor to the Washington Post, The New York Times and the Associated Press. Currently, I work for Melissa Harris-Perry, editor-at-large at Elle.com.   

Prior to college, my work was recognized by the Photographer Forum's Magazine and Fotoweek DC Youth.

Alongside my creative work, I am interested in traveling the world, environmental advocacy, social research, poetry, politics, and sustainable food production.  In my free time, I manage the University's snapchat.

Email with any and all inquiries.

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