I do not believe journalism loses when we value justice, but rather we gain the skills to respectfully encapsulate and affirm the lives around us.

Ann Nguyen is a photographer, artist, and writer splitting her time between Washington D.C. and Winston-Salem, NC. Ann believes that visual narratives as well as documentation are integral components to expose the existence, experiences, and actions of people. 

At Wake Forest University, Ann graduated Cum Laude with a double major in Sociology and Studio Art in 2017. Throughout the latter half of college, Ann photographed for Wake Forest University, under the mentorship of University Photographer, Ken Bennett, former contributor to the Washington Post, The New York Times and the Associated Press. 

Her recent photography exhibit, exposing printing processingfeatured at Hanes Gallery, and Winston-Salem's 2017 Juneteenth festival, consisted of assertively large-scaled prints responding to the implicit racial bias manifested in the technological development of Kodak's color film and Shirley Cards.

Part of the inaugural class of Elle.com Scholars, a selective cohort of young journalists reporting on race, class, and gender, Ann worked under the mentorship of Sister Citizen's author, and Wake Forest University Professor, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry as well as current American University Professor Dr. Sherri Williams. Ann recently wrote on the ways women of color are redefining and shifting the role of comedy.  Inspired by Solange's A Seat at the Table, the Elle.com Scholars produced The Seat at the Table Syllabus, which centered the lives and voices of young women of color in the conversation. Ann was responsible for the initial pitch and final design.

Portrait above by Zack Chan.

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